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Be inspired by the places of St. Benedict and St. Francis, between monasteries and abbeys almost a thousand years old, between art, sacred music and medieval architecture. The libraries where the human knowledge has been preserved for centuries, a concert to commemorate a Benedictine Saint with her XIIIth century music a and the discovery of the traditional flavours of the Apennines.

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monastero fonte avellana

Fonte Avellana

A thousand year old monastery where the crypt, the cloister, the Scriptorium and Library are genuine historical witnesses.

Abbazia San Vincenzo furlo

Abbey of S. Vincenzo al Furlo

Between faith and history, along the Flaminia, ancient Roman road, and in the land of truffles.

concerto santa hildegard von bingen

Private concert of Antique Music

Performed on the music of the XIIIth century Benedictine Saint Hildegard Von Bingen.


Camaldoli and La Verna

Where St. Francis lived, walking by the old shops of medicinal herbs, places of ancient knowledges and wisdom.

abbadia chiaravalle in fiastra

Abbey of Chiaravalle in Fiastra

where you can visit the complex and walk in the natural reserve that surrounds it.


Appennines Flavours

Served in old taverns and typical winery rediscovering tastes and fragrancies lost in time

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