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Choose the experience you prefere between the different proposals (Argentum, Aurum, Platinum) to enrich your stay in Turin: we selected for you cultural and musical activity that will lead you to the treasures of this land.


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The Merenda Reale is a not -to-be-missed ritual following the "peculiar customs" of the18th century Savoy Court. In this version the hot chocolate, whose cocoa beans were brought from America to Piemonte by the Savoy family, plays a leading role. Moreover, it celebrates the noble art of pastry making in Torino with its "bagnati" (biscuits for dunking) and some chocolate specialties.

The "reverence" for chocolate continues also in the 19th century, a period in which cafés flourished in Torino as a place for meeting, culture and politics. There you can drink a Bicerin, the traditional morning beverage together with sweet delights of the noble art of patisserie.Garibaldi and parisien, chifel and democratic, biciolan and pan gindru are just some of the names of the new sweet delicacies created in the 1800s for best accompanying the new drink.

Choose between MERENDA REALE in 18th century style or MERENDA REALE 19th century style.


The Museo delle Antichità Egizie is the only museum other than the Cairo Museum that is dedicated solely to Egyptian art and culture. Many international scholars, since the decipherer of Egyptian hieroglyphs Jean-François Champollion, who came to Turin in 1824, spend much time pouring over the collections.

It was Champollion who famously wrote, “The road to Memphis and Thebes passes through Turin”. The collections that make up today’s Museum were enlarged by the excavations conducted in Egypt by the Museum’s archaeological mission between 1900 and 1935 (a period when finds were divided between the excavators and Egypt).


The National Cinema Museum was opened in july 2000 in the building that symbolises Turin the Mole Antonelliana.The exhibition space covers 3.200 square metres and spans five floors. The themes of the floors are: the Archaeology of Cinema, the Film Camera, a Collection of Cinema Posters, Video Installations and the great Temple. In a spectacular setting the museum offers artefacts from the collection of the Maria Adrianna Prolo Foundation including: magic lanterns, optical illusions, photographs, drawings, models and other curious items.


The panoramic lift – A bird’s–eye view of Torino In 1961, on the occasion of the celebrations honoring the 100th anniversary of the Unity of Italy, a panoramic lift was installed. The lift was renovated in 1999 and now takes visitors up to the “small temple” and the extraordinary 360° view from its balcony over the city and the amphitheatre of the Alps.

The ride in the transparent crystal cabin lasts 59 seconds as it ascends through the center of the cupola. There are no intermediate floors between the lift’s departure point at the 10 meter level and its arrival point, 85 meters higher up.


The Basilica, offers a panorama described by Jean Jacques Rousseau as "I have before the most beautiful sight that can strike the human eye." De Amicis wrote "The view of the hill of Superga is largest and most beautiful of his fame." While maintaining clear his religious vocation, the Basilica is a tourist destination not to be missed. Thousands of visitors each year choose it for various reasons: pilgrims, art and history lovers, sports or natural beauty and landscape enthusiasts. The Basilica and the wonderful surrounding hills have so much to offer that you can not be disappointed!


Turin, city of the motor car: this is a cliché that for many people means just that the Fiat company originated in Turin, but in fact it signifies a much more complex and variegated situation. Over 70 car companies started up in Turin in the twentieth century, as well as over 80 bodywork manufacturers and Turin is still today the headquarters of centres of excellence in the project and design field. In the Museum, wit is told the story of the motor car, its transformation from a means of transport to an object of worship, from its origins right up to the contemporary evolution of creative thought. Through the evolution of the car, it is narrated the epoch-making times that society has experienced


Relive all the club’s history and triumphs. Enjoy a unique and memorable experience packed with technology, multimedia and memorabilia. Explore the dressing room, media area and many more exclusive parts of the Stadium.


In a fascinating space designed by the architect Renzo Piano inside the historic industrial complex of the Lingotto in Turin, the Pinacoteca Agnelli permanently houses 25 masterpieces from Giovanni and Marella Agnelli private collection. Opened on September 20th, 2002, the gallery marks the final step in the twenty-year-long restructuring process of the whole Lingotto site.

After this huge conversion process, the 90 years old building maintains the architectural power and freshness of the car factory designed by Giacomo Mattè Trucco, and wends its way effortlessly to the Lingotto designed by Renzo Piano. The “Scrigno” (treasure chest) – as he calls Renzo Piano who designed it – welcomes 25 extraordinary masterpieces (twenty-three paintings and two sculptures) ranging from the Eighteenth century to the mid-Twentieth century..


Venaria Reale is a grandiose estate just outside Turin. It comprises 80,000 square meters of floor surface in the Reggia and 60 hectares of Gardens, adjacent to the 17th century ancient village of Venaria and the 3,000 fenced hectares of the Park of La Mandria. It is a natural and architectural masterpiece that was declared part of the World Heritage by UNESCO in 1997. It reopened to the public in 2007 after completing the EU’s largest cultural restoration project to date.

The monumental palace or Reggia boasts some of the finest examples of universal Baroque: the elegant Hall of Diana designed by Amedeo di Castellamonte, the solemn Great Gallery and the Church of St. Hubert, the imposing complex of the Juvarra Stables designed by Filippo Juvarra in the 18th century, the sumptuous decorations and the spectacular Fountain of the Stag in the Court of Honor and the spectacular Fountain of the Stag in the Court of Honor provide a unique setting for the Theater of History and Magnificence, the permanent display - almost 2,000 m long - devoted to the House of Savoy, that spans from the basement level to the piano nobile of the Reggia.


Includes the following services:

  • Free admission in the most important museums and exhibitions in Turin, in the castles, fortresses and Royal Residences in Piemonte
  • Discounted ticket in many other cultural sites all over Piemonte
  • Reduced ticket on the main tourist services of Turin: panoramic lift in the Mole Antonelliana, Sassi - Superga rack tramway, “Venaria Express” shuttle bus. Cruising on the river Po is temporarily suspended.
  • Discounts on prominent cultural events, outdoor activities, adventure parks, guided tours in the whole region.


Enjoy the tasting local food in an exclusively reserved location: the suggestive rooms of the Venaria Reale. Esatour opens the doors of secret and historical buildings and offers you an exceptional atmosphere that will enrich your stay in Turin.


CONCERTUM: An ideal proposal to enjoy opera in an exclusively reserved location Concerts a/or performances of Opera arias by great artists in enchanted venues such as historical buildings, Museum houses and private mansions. A way to experience great music far from the usual paths and only in exceptional atmospheres enriched by guided tours a/o cultural, wine&food hints.

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