Teatro Antico Taormina

Teatro antico Taormina


It was built in a wonderfull panoramic location. where you can see the volcano Etna and Jonio sea. In some gradins it's written the name of Filistide, Ierone II's wife, despot of Siracusa, who probably in the III century B.C. ordered to built this theatre. It was built in the Roman period, precisely in II secolo a.C. The cavea, the space for gradins, is 109 meters long and it's devided in nine sectors. The Taormina thater is the second one of the Sicily in size. On the top of gradins there's a double stoop, covered by a volta. Thirtysix alcoves are in the wall of the stoop and maybe they held statues. During the Roman period the orchestra was dedicated to gladiators games. The stage has three big openings, with alcoves and columns. They were replaced on XIX century, by the architect Francesco Saverio Cavallari. For years this theater is the most beautiful stage for cultural events and international awards.

Via Teatro Greco, 1, 98100 TAORMINA
Capacity: 10.000 seats


The theater is a walking distance from Corso Umberto and the city center. very easy to reach by foot.

By bus
Taormina has its modern bus terminal in the center of the city. Many bus stat from Palermo, Catania (aeroporto included) and Messina.

By cableway
It's very usefull to reach the beach and the city center in a few minutes. The starting station is in via Pirandello, a few meters from “Porta Messina”.



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