Experience Marche 2024

Experience Marche: sounds and flavours of a wonderful land



A land as plural as the people who inhabited it, as the flavours coming to life between traditions and experimentations, a melting pot of cultures. Welcome to Marche!

Picenes, Romans, Gauls up to the Golden Age of the Communes with the artistic explosion of cities such as  Pesaro, Ancona and, above all, Urbino, which became an artistic beacon under the Montefeltro family.

A lot of traces of this period, even today, make the Marche a unique land, unique as its hundred historical theatres and the illustrious people born and raised in these lands in different periods, from Raffaello to Rossini, from Federico da Montefeltro to Leopardi

Ours is therefore an invitation to lose yourself in this Region full of color, flavours and traditions. Through daily visits or short tailormaded breaks, you will have the possibility to discover the most beautiful places enriching your experience with tastings, artistic and musical performances as special as our land.



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Experience Marche: Discovering Truffle


Experience Marche - degustazione tartufo

It’s one of the most typical and valuable local products, it's the Acqualagna Truffle. Don't miss a tasty half-day with the possibility of an exciting and authentic "Truffle Search” with an expert and tastings of this delicacy in its different forms.



Experience Marche: Private concerts - for groups


In the land of the "Hundred Theatres" you can't miss the music. No better place to enjoy a private concert, dedicated to Rossini or Crescentini, than one of its little jewels hidden in its most beautiful villages!

Experience Marche: Tastings and Thematic Dinners


Tastings in local wineries, buffet in the foyer of the theatres, thematic lunches and dinners such as those dedicated to Rossini's menu: savour the best of this land of infinite surprises, all to be enjoyed.




Experience Marche: Paint Theater - for groups


Paint theater - Experience Marche

A unique performance, unique as the Marche are: on the notes of the Rossini's Guillaume Tell Overture, the artist Giuliano Del Sorbo performs his magic on stage to transport us into the world of paint theater.



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Places of the Marche Region: Urbania and Teatro Bramante


Let's start the visit of Urbania, ancient Casteldurante, a fief of the Brancaleone family, discovering its ceramics. The best way to do it is to rely on the words of a craftsman who can explain techniques and products.

Don't miss its Teatro Bramante, one of the jewels of the region, built on the foundations of an ancient fortress of the '300 and named after the illustrious fellow citizen Donato Bramante in 1864.

Here we will have the opportunity to retrace the architectural and artistic events, remembering also Girolamo Crescentini who was born in Urbania but became famous throughout Europe at the beginning of '800 attending the court of Paris as a favorite singer of Napoleone Bonaparte.



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Places of the Marche Region: Urbino and Teatro Sanzio


The beauty of Urbino doesn't need introduction: a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the heart of the Italian Renaissance, the city blossomed under the guidance of Federico di Montefeltro who, in his 38 years of government, brings together in his person the figure of the skilled leader, the shrewd statesman and the refined man of culture.

The construction of Palazzo Ducale, a must for any visit, is the first step of the project to make Urbino a "city in the form of a palace". And it is in this artistic fervor that artists such as Raffaello Sanzio, of whom we recommend a visit to his birthplace, and Bramante, grow and formed themselves.  

Last stop of the visit of this Marche's pearl is the theatre, Teatro Sanzio, built around the middle of the 19th century designed by Vincenzo Ghinelli from Senigallia. Here we can find traces of the two illustrious artists, Sanzio and Bramante, depicted in as  busts in the atrium of the structure.

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Places of the Marche Region: Sassocorvaro and Teatro della Rocca


We remain in the hinterland of Pesaro to find the beautiful village of Sassocorvaro, located on a hill with beautiful views of Lago di Mercatale. Feud of Ubaldini family, the town experienced its greatest splendor during the Renaissance. And it was during this period that one of the most evocative Renaissance fortresses in Montefeltro territory was built: the Rocca Ubaldinesca.

Designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini starting in 1475, the costruction stands out for its unique tortoise shape: through a guided tour it will be possible to uncover its mysteries and history, including its function as a refuge for thousands of masterpieces during World War II.

Unsuspected heart of the fortress is the small court theater built in the 18th century, entirely painted. For groups, it will be possible to attend an exquisite concert of 18th-19th century music entrusted to professional musicians.

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Places of the Marche Region: Mondavio and Teatro Apollo


Only 20 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea, we can find th wonderful Mondavio, since several years among the most beautiful villages in Italy. It was dominated by many families leaving their mark in its history from Malatesta to Della Rovere.

Giovanni della Rovere is responsible for the construction of the characteristic Rocca Roveresca, designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini, between 1482 and 1492. The structure is composed by the keep with eight irregular faces and sharp walls,  the walkways and a semielliptical tower connected to the fortification by a bridge. In its moat there are reproductions of war machines; inside you can visit the Museum of Historical Reenactment.

Moving a little further on, leaning on one side against the castle walls, we encounter another jewel of Mondavio: Teatro Apollo. Inside the former church of S. Filippo Neri, the structure still preserves the perimeter walls and underground crypt of the ancient building. In the nave, the stalls were obtained, in the apse instead the stage was obtained, below which are placed the dressing rooms and the mechanisms of maneuver.

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Places of the Marche Region: San Lorenzo in Campo and Teatro Tiberini


Walls, arches and a maze of narrow streets: welcome to San Lorenzo in Campo, a village located in Marche hinterland. Visiting this place you can admire the most important religious architecture of the area: l'Abbazia di S. Lorenzo and then continue in the heart of the small town.

Here, in addition to the visible remains of the Rocca, it is possible to admire Palazzo della Rovere inside which is hidden the beautiful Teatro Tiberini, located on the main floor of the structure. Entirely made of wood, it features a U-shaped stalls.


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