Terms and Conditions

Once confirmed, bookings and tickets can not be canceled, exchanged, refunded or returned unless the event is canceled, moved to another date or substantially altered in its features after submitting an order (for substantial modifications they mean variations of the representation on the billboard or at the venue or time of the representation).

In case of cancellation of an event by the organizer / promoter (ie not due to ENJOYLIVE Travel srl), only the nominal value of the tickets will be refunded.

In case of moving an event from the registered venue and / or other data, tickets already purchased may remain valid if the customer wishes to attend the event as modified. Otherwise, ENJOYLIVE Travel srl will refund the nominal value of the tickets.

The right to provide access to an event is reserved to the promoter and the venue of the event, who will be able to take into account, at their reasonable discretion, health, safety, environment and safety issues and may, from time to time, do research. ENJOYLIVE Travel srl reminds its customers that ticket prices will not be reimbursed to customers who have been denied access or will be expelled from an event to arrive late, because they are less (or probably the ones) for refusing to be researched for having caused disturbances or threats, because they are drunk, because they have been exposed to antisocial behavior (eg smoking in areas subject to prohibition), possession of dangerous weapons or hazards, for audio / video recording or unauthorized photography.

In the event of participation in a sporting event in which the reserved tickets are placed in reserve reserved for the host team, it is absolutely forbidden to wear the colors of the guest team or at least support the guest team during the match. The ordering service could immediately move the subject away from the venue of the event. In this case, no refund is foreseen by ENJOYLIVE Travel srl.

In cases where it is not advisable to send tickets, due to the proximity of an event or circumstances beyond our control, ENJOYLIVE Travel srl reserves the right to place tickets available to be picked up at the venue of the event shortly before it commences . If this is necessary ENJOYLIVE Travel srl will promptly notify the customer.


Decline to provide tickets for ENJOYLIVE Travel srl

ENJOYLIVE Travel srl reserves the right to waive the provision of packages if, for technical reasons not attributable to ENJOYLIVE Travel srl, it is not possible to obtain / dispatch / deliver the required tickets. In such case, ENJOYLIVE Travel srl will reimburse the full amount paid by the customer plus 20% as a final penalty for non-delivery.

If the customer selected ticket category is not available at the time of delivery, ENJOYLIVE Travel srl will provide a superior category category at no extra cost. The customer will be informed and the tickets will be delivered only upon acceptance. Otherwise, the customer will be informed and the delivery will only be made upon acceptance of the lower ticket with partial refund of the difference between the two categories.


ENJOYLIVE Travel srl and its attorneys may not be held liable where, for reasons of public policy, access to an event is suspended or prohibited by the competent public authorities.

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